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Bill Hutchings

Bill Hutchings (13/11/13 - 02/11/02)

Club Member (June 1966 - November 2002)

Bill was a self taught photographer, starting some years before WWII. 


Before joining Mitcham Camera Club in 1966, he was a successfull member of the "Philips of Croydon" work's camera club.


Bill was a stallwart of the club for many years and became what is called a master photographer.  Being self taught in his photographic skills he was always ready to pass on his advice to others, especially in the field of darkroom monochrome printing in which he excelled.


Although he became less active in participating in competition photography in his later years, his name can be found on many of the club's trophies and even won the Colour Print Championship in 2002. 


Sadly his health was failing and passed away in 2002 aged 89 shortly before his 90th birthday.


A gallery of Bill's images will be available soon. 





Pat Corcoran



Pat Corcoran(1947 - 2009)

Club Member (November 2008 - October 2009)


Pat was a founder member and Fellow of the British Blood Transfusion Society (BBTS). 


In 1987, she joined the World Health Organisation in Geneva. However, following a serious illness contracted inVietnam in 1995 she had to take an early retirement and moved back to London eventually settling in Mitcham in 1999. 


Having always been passionate about photography, Pat was 
able to put her retirement to good and creative use further 
developing her techniques to eventually embrace the digital age.


Pat joined the Mitcham Camera Club in November 2008, less than a year before her death from cancer on October 23rd 2009.


She loved coming to the club and would have really welcomed your feedback on her photographs.  Unfortunately, that is no longer possible so please click on the link below and enjoy a selection of some her favourite shots.


Please view Pat's gallery of images.